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“Together Against Discrimination” Diploma Program

Together Against Discrimination “TAD” is an intensive three-month online diploma program by ARIJ. The TAD program is the first of its kind in the Mena region. It focuses on equipping participants with theoretical and practical hands-on knowledge to be able to design and implement effective internal complaints mechanisms against various forms of misuse of power in media institutions in general, in addition to the media working environment. It deals with topic areas related to fraud, corruption, harassment and hate speech. TAD is based on the multi stakeholders approach and allows participants to best receive, respond, investigate and report any form of alleged complaints in the institution. 

TAD was launched in summer 2021. It gathered a group of Arab professional journalists, lawmakers, activists and researchers from June till September. 

TAD is part of the “I Will Not Stay Silent,”  project launched by ARIJ (Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism) in partnership with the Meta Journalism Project, Women in News / WAN-IFRA, the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), and SAFE - IREX, and supported by Germany’s Federal Foreign Office. It aims to create a safe, pluralistic, and diverse media working environment that is free of discrimination.


Target Groups

Journalists, media professionals, content producers, civil society institutions, and professionals who are interested in learning about new tools to deal with various forms of misuse of power in the workplace and beyond. Female journalists and HR professionals were highly encouraged to apply.


Twenty trainees were  selected by an expert committee to participate in the highly competitive three-month diploma program, which ran from June 1, 2021 to  September 15, 2021, through ARIJ’s e-learning platform, ARIJ Academy. The training was offered free of charge and was delivered in Arabic.

Throughout the program, participants engaged virtually in discussions and group work through breakout sessions and submitted assignments and evaluation forms. 

Selected participants were expected to dedicate six hours/week over 12 weeks to the various program modules:

  • Attend four-hour weekly virtual training sessions over 12 weeks, every Tuesday from 17:00 - 21:00 Amman Time (GMT+3)Submit individual and group assignments (estimated time required is 1-2 hours /week)

  • Submit individual and group assignments (estimated time required is 1-2 hours /week)

  • Submit a final project on a relevant topic: a written report regarding case study analysis of the work environment (1000 words) or a report in an audio-visual format (1-3 minutes) and a final group assignment (role play simulation exercise).

The training syllabus:

  • Module 1: Prior to the allegations: designing and implementing effective system to receive complaints against various forms of misuse of power

  • Module 2: From complaint to investigation: steps for ensuring an appropriate initial response

  • Module 3: From investigation to report: conducting a thorough and effective investigation

  • Module 4: From report to outcome: report writing and complaint follow-up

  • Module 5: Managing an investigation: processes and responsibilities

  • Module 6: Special considerations for investigating allegations of fraud and corruption

The modules were presented from a gender perspective and included reference to legal issues especially with respect to harassment laws and gender-based violence (GBV). Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) was also highlighted in the diploma content.

Applicant Criteria

In order to be considered eligible to apply, applicants had to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be an Arab journalist, content producer, or media professional with at least five years of work experience.
  • Genuine interest in finding solutions to various forms of misuse of power.
  • Commitment to attending the four-hour weekly training sessions over 12 weeks and submitting required individual and group assignments as well as the final project.
  • Candidates based in the Arab region or beyond were  eligible to apply.

Certification Requirements

  • Attend at least 10/12 four-hour weekly training sessions (80%)
  • Submit 5/6 individual assignments (80%)
  • Submit a final individual project and a final group assignment (together they will require a week of work)
    • The final individual project is a written work on a relevant topic (1000 words) or a report in a short audio-visual format (1-3 minutes).
    • The group assignment will be a role play simulation exercise on a relevant topic.
  • Actively participate in discussions throughout the training

Logistical Requirements

  • Access to a stable internet connection
  • A laptop with a functioning camera

2021 Program Description

Together Against Discrimination ‘TAD’ is an introduction to the topic of abuse of power, harassment, sexism, bullying, stereotyping, and how to institutionalize complaint and investigative mechanisms in the workplace. TAD is a form of gender mainstreaming in order to integrate a gender lens in the organization structure, projects programming and processes, and activities implementations and practices. The program is designed to promote policies and legislation which foster and support gender equality and diversity management in the workplace to reduce and prevent all types of discrimination. The course relies on a problem-based approach to examine internal policies, diversity and inclusion, anti-harassment laws in the MENA, and the psychological well-being of the employees. The primary participants in this program are journalists, researchers, lawmakers, civil society activists, and human resources units.


Examine basic theories dealing with gender, discrimination and their practical application in the workplace;
Evaluate the implementation of internal policies and labor regulations in the workplace;
Learn how to apply a range of skills such as a gender audit, surveys, case studies with indicators into a monitoring and evaluation report;
Bring change to the institution via policies and implementation of appropriate processes;
Apply a gender lens to projects and programs.

Upon completion of this program, trainees learnt to:

Deepen their understanding regarding the definition and legal context related to gender-based violence & harassment;
Learn how to design and implement an effective complaints system in the institution;
Acknowledge concepts and terms related to diversity, inclusion, and gender;
Determine how gender is part of institutional change and thus not merely a stand-alone policy, project, or agenda;
Promote gender equality and know how to conduct an investigation and write a report regarding misconduct;
Write effective reports analyzing workplace irregularities and misconduct.


This e-course is composed of 48 hours live to be completed over a period of 12 weeks. It introduced trainees to specific gender analytical tools and processes to create a transparent and democratic workplace framework. Course materials were delivered in Arabic under the supervision of highly experienced trainers, practitioners, and academicians. Online presentations, lectures, group discussions, research projects, and resources were delivered in a collaborative learning strategy, which means the learning process is active and involves all trainees.

“Together Against Discrimination” Diploma Program To Combat the Misuse of Power Launched Under the “I Will Not Stay Silent” Project

Amman- 1st June 2021

“Together Against Discrimination” Addresses Internal Dynamics Within Newsrooms

Amman- 8 June 2021

“Together Against Discrimination” Diploma Program Tackles Diversity in the Newsroom

Amman- 15 June 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Mapping Sexual Harassment Laws in the Arab Region

Amman- 22 June 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Discrimination and Harassment from a Psychological Perspective

Amman- 29 June 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Designing and Implementing effective complaint mechanisms.

Amman- 6 July 2021

Together Against Discrimination: From Complaint to Investigation

Amman- 13 July 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Effective Investigation on Sexual Harassment and Misuse of Power

Amman- 27 July 2021

Together Against Discrimination: How to Write a Report for Sexual Harassment and Misuse of Power Investigation

Amman- 3 August 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Special Considerations for Investigations

Amman- 10 August 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Revision of Internal Polices and Investigations in the Workplace

Amman- 17 August 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Using data to monitor gender-based discrimination.

Amman- 21 September 2021

Together Against Discrimination: Power dynamics, misuse of power, and gender-based violence.

Amman- 28 September 2021

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